Some photos that highlight sites or special experiences or people - enjoy!

July, 2011 – Italy with Ed.D. students


    In July, my students and I toured Italy, mostly with the goal of seeing the Reggio Emila Approach in Reggio Emilia.  We returned with more questions than answers, just as any research project should be.

October, 2011 – Ireland


    I traveled to Dublin with my colleagues to present our research on using e-reader with reluctant readers in middle school.  Of course, I can't travel to Ireland without seeing all the sites possible.  I love that country.

December, 2011 

    I found this snail on the walkway at the Cliffs of Moher in west Ireland.  The cliffs were too covered with mist and rain to see the ocean way below, but this snail provided just as much entertainment.  Finding nature front and center when I travel or walk is delightful to me.


July, 2012 - France


    My sister Laura and her husband Steve and I traveled through France during July 2012.  We saw all the sites in Paris, St. Remy, along the Mediterreanean, the Normandy Beaches, and Bayeux.  We liked EVERYTHING, especially the food and the lavender fields in Provence.  My plan is to visit France, Paris, Normandy, Lyons as often as I can.  And I plan to learn the language, spoken with a Texas drawl!

July, 2013 - Cuba


    My Ed.D. students and I took the opportunity of a lifetime to visit a country that has been left behind for political reasons on all sides.  We found friendly, curious people, who wanted more from life than the present circumstances.  We wondered what the layers of truth were, as we asked questions and received answers.  Mostly I left the country with a fervent wish that the people would become tech savy as their neighbors to the north.  But, so much is needed.  Will we see it in our lifetime?  

colorful Cuba

July, 2014 - Giverny, France


     I have added a photo from Cuba (above), and one or two from Giverny (below), the garden of Claude Monet, which is in France.  The garden dripped with color, and the water lilly ponds were dappled with green water, reflecting the green bridge that crossed over.  





Water lily ponds in Monet's garden

September, 2014 - Prince Edward Island


      Recently, my son Cliff and I visited Prince Edward Island, northeastern Canada.  What a beautiful province, and I liked very much the simple farming operations that I saw.  Lighthouses, gabled roofs, and pristine country, along with cool temperatures made us want to stay longer and consider the Island life as a possible choice for living.  Summers anyway.  The long long long winters would send me south!



fox in PEI

January 21, 2017 - Women's March Washington D.C.



Laura, my daughter Amanda and I went to the Women's March in Washingont DC, Jan. 21, 2017.  We saw peaceful demontrations and women, men and children protesting the current political suation.  I loved it, and am resolved to become more active in protecting our democracy.  The posters were great!  


 Some were really creative and clever!