Dogs and other animals

    We love dogs!  Three of our dogs, Barney and Lulu, the beagles, and Pip, a pomerarian are suited to each other and consider themselves a pack. Besides dogs in the house and garden,  there are birds that visit the feeders every day and once, we even had a raccoon asleep in the dead leaves of the winter flowerbed.


     Cocoa was my red-brown furry pommie, who lost sight in both eyes, and Lucky, the new 5th grade beagle, was brought into the family.  He would run like his pants were on fire, but hated thunder!  Both Cocoa and Lucky are not with us anymore.    


      My newest pommie is Bella, who is a regular rollicking little girl dog.  She loves to be stroked and wants to sit in my lap, and then she leaps up and down and races around the garden, barking and daring the others to come play.  What fun she brings to the pack.   


       Birds, possums, raccoons, an occasional cat, even mice show up in the garden.  Pure pleasure.

Pip, Barney, Lulu
Cocoa on deck