I love to garden.  I grow many kinds of perennial grasses, a soft yellow-pink Peace rose, and old-fashioned climbing roses and Montbretia, Russian blue sage and Blushing Bride hydrangae, and I dug 3 ponds for fish in the back.  The Lady Banks rose covers the walkway and fence during March with its yellow roses, as does a fencerow of blue wisteria.  Other favorites are irises and daylilies and azalea bushes under the shade of live oak trees and Japanese maples.  


    I take tender care of the potted lemon tree that produces a bumper crop of lemons every year - 23 or 24 or 20 bright, tart lemons.  I love them, and so do the squirrels!  I do have to bring the lemon tree into my garden shed or garage when the weather turns to freezing temperatures.  I use a dollie and lots of effort.  It's worth it!


    With attention and layers of mulch to protect it from the Texas sun, my garden is beautiful, peaceful, and for me, a process and an invitation.   


    "My garden...the delight it has been to me...I am positively revelling in flowers-dozens of the most lovely blossoms.  It is the greatest pleasure my days bring to me to go out to my garden every morning and see what new blossoms have opened overnight."             Lucy Maud Montgomery