Art projects

    I'm interested in making art and I have an art studio - well, it is a closet actually, filled with art supplies and ideas.  Paintings I've created over the years hang on many walls, and I also like to collect other people's art work.  Several of my paintings are large.  I like big canvases filled with color, and quick, moving strokes.  


    One thing I am noticing as I have these paintings on display is my use of the colors turquoise, aqua, green-blue, light blue.  I wonder why I am so drawn to the shades of blue - is it sky, the gulf water at Destin, the ocean off the coast of Prince Edward Island, vistas of Cancun's waves?  


    I paint with watercolors and acrylic, and sometimes oil.  I also like montage and collage and making cards and scrapbooks covered with stamps and ephemera.  My favorite artists are Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, my mother and my friend Betty and my sister Laura (who has a bonafide art studio in the pasture).   I've recently experimented with encaustic painting, which is a layering of tinted wax upon wax, using a heat source to meld the layers together.  Best done in winter, I should add!


    Someday, I'll find more time for art, I'm sure.  Yes.